40th Anniversary of Ethnic Studies Research Centers


Chancellor Block designates 2009-10 as the Year of Ethnic Studies at UCLA

Forty years ago, UCLA was among the first universities in the nation to establish comprehensive ethnic studies research centers. Since their founding, the American Indian Studies Center, Asian American Studies Center, Bunche Center for African American Studies, and Chicano Studies Research Center have beautifully reflected the rich ethnic diversity of California.

Home to outstanding faculty and students throughout their history, the centers have earned worldwide recognition for their scholarly output, archival work and lasting contributions to the vibrant intellectual community on our campus and in Los Angeles.

Today, UCLA remains the only university with dedicated centers in all four subjects. By providing opportunities to engage in vital research relevant to these and other ethnic communities — and by advancing our understanding of the interplay among various sectors of our society — UCLA’s ethnic studies research centers further our mission as a public university.

In celebration of this 40th anniversary, I am pleased to designate 2009-10 as the Year of Ethnic Studies at UCLA. Through June, we will celebrate this important milestone with conferences, lectures, exhibitions and other public programs. More information is available at the Ethnic Studies 40th Anniversary website.

Please join me in celebrating this unique point of pride for our campus community.

  • Gene D. BlockChancellor