New UCLA EDI Education Series for All Employees

Faculty and Staff

Chancellor Block, EVCP Hunt and Vice Chancellor Spain Bradley sent the following message all UCLA employees..

Dear Colleagues:

We write to share the news that UCLA has launched the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Education Series, a set of educational modules that will provide all employees with a common foundation for how to prevent discrimination and promote inclusion throughout UCLA.

The UCLA EDI Education Series consists of two self-guided sessions which are available to all active UCLA employees via the UC Learning Center. Each session is approximately one hour long, with additional content available to broaden learning.

The series is currently optional, but we highly recommend it to advance an inclusive environment throughout UCLA that allows all Bruins to thrive. UCLA intends to make the education series mandatory in the future, and those who take the series now will receive credit. The forthcoming December 19–22 reduced service week provides an excellent opportunity to complete the series.

The UCLA EDI Education Series consists of the following modules:

  1. Understanding and Preventing Discrimination: Best Practices for Creating an Inclusive UCLA. This module covers anti-discrimination laws and policies; how to recognize discriminatory and harassing behavior; employee rights and responsibilities; best practices and resources for addressing discrimination and harassment; and strategies for preventing discrimination.
  2. Understanding Gender and Sexual Orientation: Best Practices for Fostering Inclusion and Preventing Discrimination. This module covers the new University of California Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy and related laws and policies. It also provides UCLA employees with essential information and best practices related to creating an equitable and inclusive environment for all gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations at UCLA.

These new educational resources will help us deepen our support for one another and strengthen our sense of community at UCLA. They respond to important recommendations made by UCLA’s Moreno Committee and Moreno Report Implementation Committee and promote compliance with legal requirements and the requirements of the UC Non-Discrimination Policy (PDF), UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy (PDF) and UC Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy (PDF).

The UCLA EDI Education Series was created with student, staff and faculty input and with support from UCLA Campus Assault Resources & Education, UCLA Office of the Campus Counsel, UCLA Committee on LGBTQ Affairs, UCLA Extension, UCLA Gender Recognition Implementation Committee, UC Legal – Office of General Counsel, UCLA LGBTQ Campus Resource Center and UCLA Strategic Communications. To learn more about this series or provide feedback, please visit the UCLA EDI Education Series web page.

Thank you for your participation, your commitment to advancing your own knowledge and understanding and your support for helping develop a campus community where all are valued and in which we can all be proud.


  • Gene D. BlockChancellor
  • Darnell HuntExecutive Vice Chancellor and Provost
  • Anna Spain BradleyVice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion