Reaffirming UCLA’s Commitment to International Collaboration and the International Community

Campus Update

UCLA leadership sent the following message to the campus community.

UCLA is proud to welcome exceptional students, faculty and researchers from countries around the world, and we are dedicated to creating a campus community where everyone feels respected and a sense of belonging. UCLA’s ranking as one of the world’s leading research universities is the result of our innovation, dedication and talent from across our diverse campus community.

While some government leaders have expressed concerns about the potential theft of intellectual property and prepublication results by foreign governments that threaten our national security, we must never resort to suspicion based on a person’s national origin. To do so is nothing short of discrimination, which is antithetical to our values as an institution. Racial profiling, in any context, is corrosive to our community.

UCLA is committed to complying with all applicable laws, regulations and UC policies that govern research, gift solicitation and outside activities when working with international partners. The important research that UCLA undertakes does not arbitrarily stop at our national borders. Much of our research requires international collaboration. Our collaborative spirit has helped us to thrive, and we are committed to protecting a research and teaching environment that is open and cooperative and facilitates the appropriate exchange of research results.

As the new academic year is underway, UCLA underscores its commitment to international collaboration, education, service and research. We recognize that our international scholars, students and staff all contribute greatly to this world-class public research university.

Gene D. Block                             Emily A. Carter
Chancellor                                     Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Roger Wakimoto                       Michael Meranze
Vice Chancellor, Research        Chair, Academic Senate