Reaffirming UCLA’s Commitment to Women’s Reproductive Rights

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Chancellor Block sent the following message to the UCLA Bruin Community.

Dear Bruin Community:

Today, the longstanding ruling in Roe v. Wade — the landmark legal decision that decriminalized abortion for half a century — was overturned by the United States Supreme Court.

This change will have a significant impact upon many U.S. states’ laws and will enable states to end access to legal abortions. The decision is not expected to affect women’s reproductive rights in California.

We recognize that in a community as diverse as that of UCLA there are those who hold different and understandably strong viewpoints on today’s ruling. However, as University of California President Michael Drake wrote today, this decision is antithetical to the University of California’s mission and values. Our university firmly supports individuals’ ability to access necessary health care services and make decisions about their own care in consultation with their medical teams.

UCLA currently provides students with access to comprehensive reproductive health services and will continue to offer these services. The Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center has longstanding referral relationships with community facilities for abortion services when requested by students. UCLA is also working to implement California Senate Bill 24, which asks that each UC student health center offer abortion by medication services by or before 2023.

Additionally, a range of reproductive health services remain available through UCLA Health.

Many members of our campus have deep concerns about the impact that the court’s decision will have nationwide. President Drake and I stand with California leaders and health care advocates to protect Californians’ rights and access to affordable and convenient health care choices. Our broader campus is committed to helping the nation understand the implications of this ruling as well. Today at 3 p.m., the UCLA School of Law’s Center on Reproductive Health, Law and Policy will be hosting a webinar, After Roe: What’s next?, featuring UCLA scholars and local government and advocacy leaders.

We do not yet have the answers to all the questions that are being asked, but, as Bruins, we will stay attentive and engaged, recognizing that this decision has significant implications for so many both within and outside of our community.


  • Gene D. BlockChancellor