Remote Work Guidance

Campus UpdateFaculty and Staff

Chancellor Block and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Carter sent the following message to UCLA staff and faculty.

Dear Colleagues:

As UCLA continues to closely monitor the evolution of this pandemic, we know our community is also struggling with the uncertainties wrought by COVID-19 as we try to plan our professional and personal lives alike. While we work to make decisions for the next academic year, we also want to provide you with some near-term guidance on your ability to continue working remotely.

While some of our staff perform jobs that require them to be on campus, the vast majority of our staff and faculty have been able to work on behalf of our fellow Bruins from their homes. We thank all of you for your herculean efforts, knowing it has not been easy, especially as crisis fatigue sets in.

Given the known data on COVID-19 and our prevailing priority of protecting the health and safety of the Bruin community, UCLA is extending remote work for those positions that can successfully be performed remotely through September 11, 2020, which is the end of Summer Session C.

Please look to your supervisors in the weeks ahead for confirmation of how this extension applies to your units and schools. Your respective department heads are in the process of developing unit- and school-specific guidelines that they will share once completed.

We hope this information helps you better plan for the months ahead and alleviates some of the stress you are facing. We know that managing work alongside the personal challenges brought on by this pandemic can be difficult and yet, despite this, our faculty and staff continue to persevere and show us once again what is so special about UCLA. Thank you for your continued understanding, resilience, and commitment to the safety of each other.


  • Gene D. BlockChancellor
  • Emily A. CarterExecutive Vice Chancellor and Provost