UCLA to Commemorate Peace Corps’ 50th Anniversary, March 2-5


Chancellor Block invites the campus community to participate in events celebrating the Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary.

In 1961, the Peace Corps ushered in a new era of national service — creating an army of volunteers committed to humanitarianism and global harmony. Fifty years later, Peace Corps volunteers continue to meet President John F. Kennedy’s bold challenge to take an active role in the “struggle against the common enemies… of tyranny, poverty, disease and war itself.”

Service is one of UCLA’s core values as a public university, and we are proud of our long-standing association with the Peace Corps. During the organization’s first decade, our campus was a training ground for thousands of volunteers. With more than 1,800 Bruins having served in the Peace Corps, UCLA has been a leading contributor of volunteers.

Given our mutual dedication to improving quality of life for those around the world, I am delighted that UCLA will play a prominent role in celebrating the Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary. In addition to commemorating our rich history with the Peace Corps, the events will offer a unique opportunity to inspire our Bruin family to continue serving our local and global communities.

We welcome the campus community, UCLA alumni, Peace Corps volunteers and all others interested in global service to participate in our celebration, March 2–5. For more information about these programs, please visit the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary events page.

  • Gene D. BlockChancellor