Welcoming Admitted Students and Families for Bruin Days

Campus UpdateEvent

Chancellor Block shared the following message with the UCLA campus community.

Dear Bruin Community:

This Saturday, April 15, our campus will be even more lively than usual as admitted freshmen, along with their parents, caretakers and other family members, join us for Bruin Day for Freshmen. Later this spring, on May 13, we will host a second Bruin Day for our admitted transfer students.

For many of these guests, it will be their first time experiencing the incredible energy and enthusiasm that make UCLA so special. I hope you will join me in welcoming them and helping them get acquainted with all that our university has to offer.

On Bruin Day, students and their families will connect with UCLA representatives and learn about our academic programs, campus resources and community life. Financial aid presentations will be provided in English and Spanish. There will also be student-led tours of our campus and self-guided housing tours.

Our Bruin Days are an exciting time for admitted students to immerse themselves in the UCLA experience. I am grateful to everyone who has put so much time, effort and genuine care into ensuring that these events are a success — and I greatly look forward to welcoming our newest Bruins.


  • Gene D. BlockChancellor