2022 reflections: Milestones and achievements that made a difference

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As we prepare to usher in 2023, let’s take a moment to look back on 2022, another year in which UCLA and the people who make it come to life made us proud as they excelled in their fields, surprised with their originality, provided comfort in our grief, helped us more clearly make sense of a confusing and, at times, troubling world, and added to our collective knowledge.

This year, our annual year-in-review list is divided into categories that highlight just some of the many Bruins who embody our most important values.

UCLA expands access and grows

Fulfilling a long-held aspiration, UCLA became the first University of California campus to guarantee all undergraduates campus housing. Students who enter as freshmen will get four years of housing, and transfer students will get two. In fall 2022, UCLA opened the new Laurel, Palo Verde and Tipuana apartment buildings, providing up to 2,300 beds for undergraduates, along with more than 1,100 beds at the neighboring Gayley Heights complex.

“Living on or near campus contributes greatly both to students’ educational experiences and to the richness of our community,” said UCLA Chancellor Gene Block. “This guarantee represents a crucial milestone for UCLA.”

Other highlights:

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