Chancellor Block offers advice to Geffen Academy’s senior class


UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and Geffen Academy’s graduating senior class sat down for a fireside chat Feb. 9, as both face a pivotal moment in their lives. The high school students, who have been part of Geffen Academy since sixth grade, are preparing for the transition to college — while the chancellor will step down later this year after 17 years as UCLA’s leader.

The talk, moderated by UCLA alumnus and Geffen Academy Head of School Sibyll Carnochan Catalan, focused on the significance of this shared experience as Block and the seniors discussed their respective paths — as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Block recalled his early days as chancellor by sharing a personal story about his meeting with Peter Guber, entrepreneur and executive chairman of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, who gave him advice on decision-making and knowing the right time to make certain choices.

“It takes courage to reinvent yourself, and that often means being willing to end things,” Block said. “It is also important to allow others to take the lead, as this brings new energy and creative ideas on how we can further succeed.”

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